History of the faculty

The Faculty of Philology has been established based on the Law for the establishment of the Faculty of Philology in Prishtina no. 011-83/88, in Prishtina on 22.12.1988. The registration number is 1050, dt. 09.12.1988. District Economic Court in Prishtina issued a registration document no. 861/88.

The Faculty of Philology has a long considerable tradition and experience. The Cathedra of Albanian Language and Literature, established in the academic year 1960/61 within the Faculty of Philosophy of Pristina, gives a meaning and significance to the High Education history of Kosova in Albanian language, to its very distinct segments.

The same year, the Cathedra of Serbo-Croatian Language and Yugoslav Literature was established. One year later, in 1961/62 the Cathedra of English Language and Literature and the one of Russian Language and Literature were established. In 1971 the Cathedra of French Language and Literature was established, whereas in 1973 the Cathedra of Orientalistics was established. With the statute of the year 1973 the Faculty began functioning on the basis of Departments (cathedras were abolished). In 1989 the Department of Turkish Language and Literature was established. The same year the Faculty got independent as a separate institution with the name Faculty of Philology.

After forced expulsion from university premises, during the time of study at home-schools, the Department of the Russian Language and Literature stopped its operation, this due to a very little interest to study in this department. On the other hand, although in very difficult conditions, in the academic year 1992/93 the Department of German Language and Literature was established.

Since 1974 the Albanological studies were developed into departments: Albanian Language and Literature and Albanian Literature and Language, to get profiled in the year 2001 into the Department of the Albanian Language and Department of Albanian Literature.

After the war, two new departments were established: the Department of General and Comparative Literature in 2001/2002 (which was not accredited in the last year’s external peer review, and therefore, it does not enroll new students) and the Department of Journalism (2005/2006).

In 2010, the Faculty of Philology accredited all departments and their respective programs, including doctoral studies with the pre-Bologna system. In 2011, the Professional MA in Translation and Interpretation, and the BA in Balkan Studies (2015) were accredited for the first time, with which we are in the process of being evaluated again as part of international partnerships and with changes in the structure of these programs, meanwhile in the last accreditation processes (re-accreditation 2016, 2019, 2021 and 2022), in addition to the already traditional programs, three new master's programs in English (integrated linguistics program) and German (German for foreigners) have been accredited in the field of teaching these languages , as well as the Oriental Cultural Studies program (2019-22).