Professor of the Faculty of Philology, prof. ass. dr. Blerta Mustafa, benefited the "University Support Grant" from the US Embassy

24 Janar 2023

Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, prof. ass. dr. Blerta Mustafa, has developed the project entitled "Initiating transformation of assessment and establishing academic integrity practices at the University of Prishtina” with which she has benefited the " University Support Grant" from the Embassy of the United States of America. This project has two goals. First, the project aims to start the transformation of assessment practices at the University of Prishtina by introducing the newest and most effective assessment practices to staff and students. For this purpose, will be created an assessment guide that can be used by UP staff. Second, the project seeks to deepen academic integrity practices at UP by creating a web page with material and interactive activities about academic integrity. All higher education students in Kosovo will have access to this website.


Teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Philology, as well as from the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Natural-Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine are also involved in the project, which meets the needs of several fields in terms of assessment and academic integrity.

Në projekt janë të përfshirë edhe mësimdhënës të tjerë dhe studentë nga Fakulteti i Filologjisë, si dhe nga Fakulteti Ekonomisë, Fakulteti i Shkencave Natyrore-Matematikore dhe Fakulteti i Mjekësisë, gjë që mundëson plotësimin e nevojave të disa fushave për sa i përket vlerësimit dhe integritetit akademik.