Thirrje për aplikime për Bursat e Universitetit Teknik të Klagenfurtit

24 Shkurt 2022

New call for applications for the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships!


The fifth call for application for the winter semester 2022 has been opened. Deadline is the 13 March 2022.


Eligible for application are students of any nationality who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in an ICT study field in, amongst others, Kosovo and who are interested to pursue one of the following Master’s degree programmes:


Master in Mathematics

Master in Game Studies and Engineering

Master in Informatics

Master in Information Management

Master in Information and Communications Engineering (ICE):

Branch of Study Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Branch of Study Networks and Communications

Branch of Study Business Engineering


For further information visit: ... or join the online info session on Tuesday 01/03 3pm at